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Training for Ugandan Justice Officials


In partnership with Trinity College Dublin and the Justice Law and Order sector, Irish Aid successfully organised and conducted training in Ireland for Ugandan justice officials in August 2014.

Human Rights Day 2014


Human Rights Day 2014 theme Human Rights 365, emcompasses the idea that every day is Human Rights Day.

World Aids Day 2014


World Aids Day 2014

DAC peer review of Irish Aid programme launched


DAC peer review of Irish Aid Programme launched

Annual Climate Change Conference Peru


Annual Climate Change Conference Peru

Ireland's Rapid Response Initative 2014


Ireland’s Rapid Response Initiative, designed to respond quickly to humanitarian emergencies by deploying highly skilled staff and sending emergencies supplies.

Rome: Ireland in leading role at global nutrition conference


Ireland in leading role at ICN2

Ireland improves ranking in the Hunger and Nutrition Donor Commitment Index (HANCI)


Ireland improves ranking in the Hunger and Nutrition Donor Commitment Index (HANCI)

President Higgins begins his visit to South Africa


President Higgins is now in South Africa on the third leg of his visit to Africa, where he will view Irish Aid’s support to combat gender violence, HIV/AIDS, and the work undertaken to support the up skilling of South African professionals.

President Higgins visits International Crops Research Institute, Malawi


This week (9-16 November) is Science Week, and yesterday, President Higgins visited Chitedze agricultural research centre in Malawi.

President Higgins cooking up a storm


President Higgins visits Malawi cookstove programme

President Higgins visits health centre in Tigray, Ethiopia


President Michael D Higgins and Minister Seán Sherlock today continued their visit of Tigray in northern Ethiopia with a visit to health centre, where he saw Ireland’s contribution to health services in the area.

President Higgins visits Tigray Agricultural Research Institute


President Higgins visits Tigray Agricultural Research Institute

President Higgins meets South Sudanese refugees in Gambella, Ethiopia


President Higgins meets South Sudanese refugees in Gamballa, Ethiopia

President Higgins to visit Irish Aid funded programmes in Africa


President Higgins will embark on a three week visit to Africa on Saturday the 1st of November

Ireland’s Ambassador to co-chair global development negotiations


Ireland's Ambassador appointed to co-facilitate negotiations on new Global Development Goals.

International day for the Eradication of Poverty


As we mark the 2014 International day for the Eradication of Poverty, we can be proud that the world has met the first Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of people living in extreme poverty.

World Food - Family Farming 2014


World Food Day 2014 - to raise the profile of family farming and small holder farmers

Celebrating International Day of Rural Women


International Day of the Rural Women

Irish Aid celebrates International Day of the Girl Child


On International Day of the Girl Child, Irish Aid remains committed to strengthening gender equality by supporting girls’ rights to education, and by protecting them from gender based violence worldwide.

Irish Aid’s response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa


The continuing spread of Ebola in West Africa is a matter of grave concern. Ireland is playing its part in stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

Minister Seán Sherlock TD in Sierra Leone to witness the impact of the Ebola Crisis


Minister for State Seán Sherlock, travelled to Sierra Leone to witness the impact of the Ebola crisis and assess the effect of the over €1 million in funding provided by Ireland, which has helped provide nutritional supplies to children and much-needed blankets, tents, mosquito nets and water tanks.

Acting together, acting now: Delivering Zero Hunger


The UN’s Zero Hunger Challenge sets out five key targets to end hunger.

Alliance for Climate smart agriculture


Smallholder farmers produce the majority of Africa’s food, including nearly all the food they need themselves. Boosting their productivity in a sustainable way is a key part of solving the hunger crisis on that continent. Unfortunately, erratic rains, droughts, flooding and extreme storms are now part of the everyday reality for millions of people in Africa.

Climate Change Adaptation Financing


Very often it is vulnurable communities in developing countries that are most effected by climate change. These communites are also the least likely to to be able to spare the money needed to adapt to the change in the environment. To help resolve this situation, Irish Aid is supporting the Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative to track adaptation finance flows in Uganda and Zambia.

Ploughing Championships 2014


Our staff are looking forward to meeting thousands of visitors in the Irish Aid tent at the Ploughing Championship next week

Minister Flanagan meets UNICEF Youth Ambassadors


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan, TD, today met a group of UNICEF Youth Ambassadors ahead of UNICEF Ireland’s Youth Summit in Dublin Castle on Friday 19th September.

Promoting infant nutrition through breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is recognised as the best way for infants to get all the nutrition they need for healthy growth while building their defences against illness.

Staving off hunger in the South Sudanese crisis


Over one third of South Sudan’s population are faced with the threat of famine. To help ward off this threat, Minister of State, Sean Sherlock TD, has announced €1.5million funding.

South African students prepare for their studies in Ireland


The Embassy of Ireland, Pretoria, welcomed ten Kader Asmal Fellows to the Ambassador’s residence for an induction day to prepare them for their studies in Ireland.

Barefeet Theatre visits Ireland


Through performing arts, Barefeet Theatre educate Zambian youth about health, safety and support as well as psychosocial support.

Launch of 2013 Annual Report


2013 was a significant year for Irish Aid. The activities and achievements at both the political and practical level during the year were as varied as they are numerous.

Are we making development progress?


Instead of just measuring just the wealth of a country (in GNP), the HDI also looks at the life expectancy, education and equality of the people living there.

We’re moving... but not very far.


After more than six very successful years at 27-31 Upper O'Connell Street, we are sad to say that the Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre on O’Connell Street has now closed.

President of Mozambique visits Ireland


This week, President Guebuza of Mozambique is visiting Ireland on an official state visit.

Land Belongs to the Future - Let’s Climate Proof It


Today marks World Day to Combat Desertification, and this year’s theme focuses on climate-proofing land for future generations.

St Ciarans NS win 2014 Our World Awards


The pupils from St. Ciaran’s National School in Hartstown, Dublin claimed the top prize for their project entitled ‘World Don’t Hide – Cherish Every Child’.

World Refugee Day 2014


For the first time since the post-World War II era, the number of refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people has exceeded 50 million people.

Ireland takes top position in ‘Good Country Index’


The Good Country Index is a new index which ranks countries by their contribution to the common good of humanity. And it’s good news for Ireland – we’ve topped the list!

Africa Day 2014


Africa Day falls on the 25th of May and to celebrate we have quite a variety of events happening all around the country.

Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security


The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and its 2020 Vision Initiative, along with partners (including Irish Aid), are organizing an international conference on "Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security" to be held on May 15-17, 2014, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our World Awards Schools proceed to National Final


Last week the Our World Irish Aid Awards team travelled the length and the breadth of the country to meet with top 60 schools from the four corners of Ireland for the regional finals.

Ireland Celebrates Africa Day


Ireland once more celebrated its valuable links with the continent of Africa through the annual Africa Day celebrations.

The Ugandan Irish Girls of Karamoja


Sixteen students from Kangole Girls School in Karamoja travelled to Kampala for the St. Patrick's Day celebrations at the Embassy of Ireland.

International Mine Awareness Day: Supporting Mine Clearance in Vietnam


Irish Aid supports MAG international who works to clear unexploded ordinance (UXO) in Quang Binh, Quang Tri and Quang Nam provinces in Vietnam.

OECD statistics on Aid to Developing Countries


The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee has just published statistics on the official development assistance (ODA) of OECD countries in 2013.

African Diaspora Business Forum


The African Diaspora Business Forum was attended by Ambassadors from seven African countries and members of the African business community.

International Women’s Day: Gender and Social Movements


The 8th March is International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme ‘Equality for women is progress for all’ is something that we firmly believe at Irish Aid.

Renewing our agreement to assist those in emergencies


This morning the Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), Ertharin Cousin, met with Minister of State Joe Costello to discuss Ireland’s contribution of the UN’s Humanitarian Response Depots (UNHRD).

Three Years of the Syrian Crisis


This week marks the third anniversary of the crisis in Syria. Since the start of the crisis in 2011 Irish Aid have been working with our NGO and international partners to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the crisis.

World Water Day 2014


World Water and Energy Day 22nd March 2014

Improving Nutrition in Vietnam


Working in partnership with GAIN, Irish Aid supports programmes in our Key Partner Country, Vietnam, which aim to prevent malnutrition amongst vulnerable communities through the distribution of micronutrient powder and a ready to use food supplement, both of which are produced locally.

World Radio Day: Using Radio to Improve Farming


Irish Aid is supporting Farm Radio International in four African countries to deliver radio programmes for smallholder farmers.

Inaugural Mwangi fellowship offered by Irish Aid and UCD Smurfit Business School


The scholarship will provide a fully funded place each year for the next three years for an African business woman on the prestigious UCD Masters in Business Administration programme.

Training the Teachers


The workshops are designed to inform students’ own understanding of development, and how aid works, but also to engage them in a way that makes the learning and the context real.

Emergency Assistance for South Sudan


Irish Aid has dispatched 40 tonnes of emergency items to assist those affected by the violence.

Red Ribbon Award 2014


Established in 2005, the Red Ribbon Award is an international award recognising community-based organisations that have shown outstanding leadership and action against AIDS.

Research on improving nutrition through bio-fortified crops


PhD student and maize breeder Girum Azmach, in research funded by Irish Aid and undertaken with NUI Galway and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, has identified combinations of genes in maize plants tripling the level of vitamin A in varieties typically consumed by poorer African households

Highest number ever of visitors to the Irish Aid Centre


2013 was the Centre’s most successful year ever with visitor numbers of 14,500, an increase of 65% over 2010!