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MoS Cannon T.D. Intervention at the Yemen Pledging Conference, Geneva

Honourable Chairs,

I would like to thank the United Nations and the Governments of Sweden and Switzerland for convening this important conference.

The fact that we are gathered here again is a powerful testimony of the fact that we must redouble our efforts to bring peace and stability to Yemen. The scale of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Yemen is clear to all of us. Faced with the shocking scale of suffering and the real risk of further deterioration, including the looming threat of widespread famine, it is vital that we come together as an international community not only to meet immediate humanitarian needs, but also to address the underlying causes of this tragic conflict.

Ireland strongly supports the work of Special Envoy Griffiths. Further progress in the political talks is needed, and all parties to the conflict should engage fully with the UN-led process.

Ireland supports ongoing efforts mandated by the Human Rights Council to monitor and report on the situation of human rights in Yemen. All parties in the conflict must work towards it full implementation, and redouble efforts to find a sustainable solution to this conflict.

I would like to pay particular tribute today to the humanitarian aid workers operating within Yemen, working in difficult and often dangerous conditions to get vital assistance to those in greatest need. Working amidst the devastating evidence of humanity’s worst instincts, their efforts exemplify the best of people. All parties must ensure full access for all humanitarian assistance to all parts of the country, ensure the safety and security of humanitarian workers, and uphold international humanitarian law.

We welcome the pledges we have heard so far today. Ireland is committed to playing its part in the response. In 2019 we will disburse a further €5 million to the Yemen Humanitarian Fund. This will bring to our total funding to Yemen since 2012 to over €21 million. In addition, Ireland remains fully committed to the multilateral response to the situation in Yemen, notably through CERF, where Ireland is one of the top ten donors.

Thank you.

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