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Tanzania Climate Action Report for 2015

Environmental/Climate Change, Policy, Tanzania, 2016

Christopher and Matilda of the Mynororo Sunflower Producers Group, Chunya district, Mbeya, Tanzania. Photo: Irish Aid

With a total area of 945,087 square kilometres and with an estimated population of over 53 million, Tanzania is one of the largest countries in East Africa. The average annual temperature in Tanzania has increased by 1.0ºC since 1960 and is projected to increase by 1.0ºC to 2.7ºC by the 2060s. In the last 40 years Tanzania has experienced severe and recurring droughts with devastating effects to agriculture, water and energy sectors. Currently more than 70% of all natural disasters in Tanzania are climate change related and are linked to recurrent droughts and floods. Tanzania published its National Climate Change Strategy in 2012, to address both adaptation and mitigation in line with the country’s vision for sustainable development.


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