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Irish Aid Humanitarian Relief Policy


This policy paper sets out how Irish Aid's humanitarian assistance saves lives, alleviates suffering and maintains human dignity during and in the aftermath of humanitarian emergencies.  

Policy Coherence for Development: The State of Play in Ireland


PCD research undertaken by the Institute of International Integration Studies, TCD  

Value for Money and Policy Review of Irish Aid Support to HIV and AIDS, 2000 – 2007


In the period covered by this review, 2000-2007, a total of €340m of Irish Aid funding was specifically dedicated to HIV and AIDS interventions.

Review of Irish Aid Support to World Vision’s Disaster Preparedness and Local Capacities for Peace


This review assesses the performance and achievements of the Disaster Preparedness and Local Capacities for Peace (DIPLCAP) programme in Southern Sudan. The main finding is that the project was well placed to serve the articulated needs of the communities it serves and it has had real success in some elements in a short time.

Integrating Development Education into Adult Education Using Active Citizenship as a Focus


This report examines the extent to which development education is understood in the adult and community sectors and explores how adult educators could be supported to include development education in their work through the use of active citizenship.

Building Good Governance through Development Co-operation, Policy orientations for Irish Aid


Building good governance is central to the work of Irish Aid across the development programme. Without good governance, long-term sustainable development is not possible. This policy document describes how Irish Aid works on governance, and outlines the main areas of focus.  

Irish Aid Annual Report 2008


This report provides a comprehensive account of the development work undertaken by Irish Aid during 2008.

Evaluation of the Timor Leste Irish Aid Country Programme, 2003-08


This evaluation found that Irish Aid has been a well-harmonized, neutral and flexible partner.

Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction into Multi-Annual Programme Scheme (MAPS) Partners' Programming


This report looks at integrating disaster risk reduction (DRR) into MAPS Partners' Programming.

2009 Reports of the meetings of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Development


2009 Summary Reports of the Meetings of the Interdepartmental Committee on Development.

DAC Peer Review of Ireland 2009


Through peer reviews by other DAC (Development Assistance Committee of the OECD) members, the quality of each member's development cooperation programme is regularly assessed.