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Governance and Leadership

Global action and leadership is critical if we are to turn the tide on the HIV and AIDS pandemic. We use our position to ensure high-level political commitments translate into action at global, regional and national level.  

Co-ordinated local and global efforts needed

There has been great progress in fighting the AIDS epidemic around the world and Ireland has been a key partner in that success.

There are now eight million people on treatment in developing countries, an increase of almost three million in just two years. And for the first time in history, developing countries are investing more in addressing HIV and AIDS in their own countries than international donors.

Tackling the pandemic requires better co-ordinated local and global efforts if we are to be successful in reducing the impact and preventing the spread of the virus. 

The international community, with UNAIDS taking a lead, has responded positively. A number of global health partnerships have brought together the major development players in concerted efforts to tackle the world’s priority health problems including HIV and AIDS.

Tackling the pandemic requires better co-ordinated local and global efforts if we are to be successful in reducing the impact and preventing the spread of the virus. 

Our response

Our leadership and financial commitment in the fight against HIV and AIDS is recognised internationally. 

We have a strong track record in tackling HIV and AIDS and other global communicable diseases at international, regional and country levels. Our political commitment is matched by our financial commitment. Annual spending on health, HIV and AIDS, and communicable diseases is in the region of 22% of the bilateral aid budget (see Analysis of Bilateral Overseas Development Assistance by Sector – Annex 7 of the 2013 Annual Report.

Strong policy commitment

We promote a broad development response to HIV and AIDS, which focuses on reducing poverty, providing basic services and addressing the poor status of women.

We also focus our support on strengthening national responses to HIV and AIDS on a country by country level.

Across all of our programmes, we take account of the pandemic and ensure that actions we take in other areas do not further its spread.

A range of policy and good practice guidelines guide our responses at national and international level. Wellness polices are in place in HQ and all of our Missions to ensure the health and well-being of our staff. 

Supporting better co-ordination of global and country efforts

Our support focuses on strengthening national responses to HIV and AIDS at a country-by-country level.

We are also active on the board of UNAIDS and support its efforts to strengthen national country responses to HIV and AIDS.

And our partnership with the Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative enables us to scale up funding for specific country responses in Mozambique and Lesotho.

Promoting better governance in the Global Fund

Ireland became the Chair of the influential Point Seven Constituency Group of the board of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria in 2011. In this position, we have led a concerted effort to help strengthen governance and oversight within the Global Fund itself.

As a result, a new funding model to make future aid even more effective and strengthened financial management systems at country level have been put in place.

Committees of the Board have been rationalised and streamlined, resulting in clearer lines of responsibility and more efficient decision-making. All of these improvements were represented in a new strategy for the Global Fund 2012-2016.

After these reforms were adopted at Board level in November 2011, Ireland continued to lead the Point Seven Constituency Group in ensuring the reforms are implemented.

Stamping out stigma

We put a lot of emphasis on support for work and campaigns aimed at stamping out the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS in Ireland and in our partner countries. These campaigns aim to make our societies more open, caring, inclusive and non-judgemental.   

Advocating for the needs of women and young people

Ireland advocates that the interests of women and young people affected by HIV and AIDS are taken into account in the policies and programmes  of partners at national and global  level. 

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