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Ireland’s response to global poverty and hunger

Ireland’s commitment to a world without poverty and hunger comes from a long and proud tradition of support for poor people and communities who experience poverty and injustice around the world.  

Today, even in these challenging economic times at home, we have a strong mandate from the Irish public to continue our role as a leader in the international development community in the fight against global poverty and hunger. Our goals and priorities are informed by our vision of a sustainable and just world, where people are empowered to overcome poverty and hunger and fully realise their rights and potential.

We recognise that supporting greater peace, security and prosperity in the world is not just the right thing to do, it is also very much the smart thing to do for a small open trading economy in an ever more inter-connected and inter-dependent world.

While our overall approach is guided by our commitment to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, we focus our efforts on those areas where we feel we can have the greatest impact

Our 3 Goals


Reduced Hunger, Stronger Resilience

helping people, communities and countries to be able to better cope with setbacks such as crop failure, climate change, natural disasters and conflict.

Sustainable Development, Inclusive Economic Growth

Promoting sustainable development that delivers basic services, supports jobs and encourages trade in an environmentally sustainable manner

Better Governance, Human Rights and Accountability

Supporting the building of better governance and stronger accountability and promotion of human rights and gender equality throughout our work

Six priority areas for action

We will continue to fight poverty, respond quickly and effectively to natural and man-made emergencies and work with nine key partner countries each according to their own needs.

We focus our development efforts and aid spending on the following six areas where we can make the most difference.

More than aid

We know that changes for the better in the lives of poor people and communities won’t happen through aid alone. In delivering our goals, we do more than just give aid:

  • We work effectively with our partners (NGOs, UN Agencies, Private Sector) at home and abroad
  • We harness the skills and contribution of Irish people and Irish institutions
  • We are committed to working in a coherent way across Government departments in Ireland on actions and policies which impact on global poverty
  • We account for the money we spend and communicate the results we achieve
  • We promote policies that take account of the needs of poor people and communities, based on evidence of what works.