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Minister of State Brophy announces funding in support of Global Citizenship Education

The Minister of State for Overseas Development and Diaspora, Colm Brophy, TD, has announced €1.86 million in Irish Aid funding to 34 organisations working in schools and communities across Ireland. The funds will be used for activities to build awareness and understanding of global issues such as climate change, hunger and injustice and to support the public to act individually and collectively to make the world a better place.

Amongst the groups to receive funding are the Crawford College of Art and Design in Munster Technological University, Educate Together, Gaisce, the Irish Girl Guides and Scouting Ireland.

Minister Brophy said:

As a society we are all grappling with the big global issues that affect our communities and will influence our children’s future. Climate change, as well as global inequality and injustice, are at the root of many conflicts around the world. The organisations receiving this Irish Aid funding are working to ensure people of all ages in Ireland have a greater understanding of these issues and how we can all make a difference through individual and collective action.”

The funding will be provided by Irish Aid through its Global Citizenship Education programme, which works with NGOs, community groups, youth groups and educational institutions all over Ireland.

The Minister highlighted a number of organisations that will receive funding for their work with people from a range of backgrounds including traveller youth and others from minority ethnic backgrounds. Amongst these are AkiDwA and Cloyne Diocese Youth Services which operates in Northern and Eastern County Cork. They will receive €34,000 and €55,000 respectively in 2022. Minister Brophy praised the groups for their work with migrant women and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As part of the package the Minister also announced the first recipients of support from the Innovation Challenge Fund set up by the Department to encourage fresh thinking and new ideas in engaging the public on global themes. Nearly €200,000 was allocated to projects which include using the creative arts to promote global citizenship education and supporting links between youth groups in Ireland, Colombia and Kosovo.

Minister Brophy said:

“I am delighted so many groups within the community have responded to the opportunity to reimagine how they communicate with the public on the big issues of our time. Fresh thinking and the use of new technologies will help us to reach new audiences and better engage learners of all ages in Ireland.”

Organisation Name

Funding 2022





An Taisce




ARD Family Resource Centre


CDYS Cloyne Diocesan Youth Services




Concern (DEAR co-funding)




Educate Together


EIL Intercultural Learning


Engineers Without Borders


Financial Justice Ireland


Friends of the Earth




Galway One World Centre


Global Action Plan


Head, Heart and Hands




Irish Girl Guides


Lourdes Youth Community Centre


Meath Partnership




Proudly Made in Africa


Scouting Ireland




Tools for Solidarity


University College Cork




Viatores Christi




Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative


Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative (DEAR co-funding)




Youth Work Tipperary


Total Funding




Notes to editors

  • Irish Aid defines GCE as a lifelong educational process, which aims to increase public awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing, inter-dependent and unequal world in which we live. GCE covers a wide range of issues including climate change, hunger, migration, peace and conflict, global inequality and injustice.
  • Irish Aid is providing grants totalling €1.86m to 34 organisations under its 2022 Global Citizenship Education (GCE) grants round.
  • The GCE grants scheme is a competitive process under which grants of between €10,000 and €180,000 for one, two or three year projects, are awarded to Ireland-based NGOs and educational institutions. A call for proposals was published on the Irish Aid website in November 2021.
  • All applications were assessed by Irish Aid officials and external consultants. The appraisal process includes assessing organisational capacity to deliver the proposed projects and intended results.


Press Office

20 May 2022

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