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UN Volunteering

Hundreds of Irish people have volunteered with the United Nations over the past few years, working with UN agencies or on humanitarian response and peacekeeping missions.  Irish Aid supports UNV in its work of deploying volunteers, promoting volunteerism, testing new and innovative approaches to volunteering as well as undertaking research and analysis.

What you can do

Call for applications

United Nations Volunteers (UNV), the United Nations (UN) organization that promotes volunteerism as a means of achieving peace and development, is calling for applications from Specialist and Youth Volunteers to the UN Volunteer programme.

The UN Youth Volunteer programme, which emerged from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s Five-Year Action Agenda, aims to create enabling environments for youth engagement in global peace and sustainable human development through volunteerism.

It presents the opportunity for successful applicants to develop and apply their skills, knowledge, and capacities in promoting sustainable development as volunteers within UN agencies in regional and developing country offices over a period of 12 months.

Specialist Volunteers are also sponsored to undertake assignments of 12 months in regions of strategic interest to Ireland’s policy for international development.

Assignments are due to commence in October 2023.

UN Volunteer Assignments 2023

With support from Irish Aid, UNV will deploy 11 UN Youth Volunteers and 4 UN Specialist Volunteers to the following assignments.  Please follow the links for further details and applications.

Country of assignment Assignment title UN Host Entity Advertisement link
Antigua and Barbuda Project Assistant UNDP
Barbados Climate, Energy, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction Assistant UNICEF
Barbados Programme Assistant- Gender-responsive Climate Change & Disaster Risk Resilience UN Women
Jamaica  Assistant for Gender Equality and Empowerment UNESCO
Trinidad & Tobago Programme Associate UN Women
Fiji Food Systems Coordination Officer RCO
Samoa Climate Risk Insurance Associate UNCDF

*Closing date for the assignments listed above is 03 July 2023.