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Volunteering Overseas

Volunteering lies at the very heart of development cooperation. By volunteering overseas we show solidarity with fellow global citizens for whom poverty is a daily reality. Volunteering contributes in a very tangible way to a more just and equal world by connecting and empowering people, releasing potential, building futures and contributing to mutual learning between Ireland and the countries in which Irish people volunteer their work.



Lisa McMahon, of VSO is pictured here alongside Jeanne Bakundinka volunteering in a school in Rwanda.

Ireland’s commitment to building on its proud tradition of volunteering abroad is reflected in Irish Aid’s Policy for International Development, One World, One Future (2013). That commitment recognises the rich legacy of overseas volunteering amongst Irish people and their solidarity with those in greatest need. Each year some two thousand volunteers from Ireland make a real difference in poor communities all over the developing world.

Volunteer in the fight against global poverty and hunger!

No matter what your age or experience, you can help make a difference. Whether by volunteering overseas or simply by informing yourself about the big issues and the work of Irish Aid, you can play your part. Irish Aid strives to make a difference to the lives of people in some of the world’s poorest communities. The promotion of responsible overseas volunteering is a key elelment of our efforts. We hope that the information and links below will help you.